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Spiders can be found in almost any home in America.  In our area, there are a few to be aware of because they have venomous bites that can affect humans and pets.  The Desert Recluse, pictured to the left, a close relative of the Brown Recluse, is the second most venomous spider in America and the only Recluse species native to Lake Havasu.  Some individuals are unaffected by their bites whiles others suffer from necrosis (tissue death) at the bite site.


The female Black Widow, which is the most venomous spider in America, can also be found in our area.  Both Black and Brown Widows are easily identified by their body shape and the orange/red hourglass shape on their underbelly. Black Widows are a glossy black in color while Brown Widows are a much lighter yellow-brown, some with patterns and stripped legs.  Brown widows can be almost conclusively identified by just their spikey egg sack as well.


While tarantulas are common in our desert environment they are not seen as a threat to people or pets but are venomous with a bite that can be compared to an ant bite or bee sting.  Tarantulas aid in the control of other pests around the home since their diet typically consists of bugs, like roaches and crickets and even baby mice when they come upon them.

Tips to keep Spiders away from your home:


•  Trim all trees and bushes so they aren't touching the home


•  Put weather stripping and sweeps on all doors and windows


•  In Lake Havasu, the closer you live to the water the more spiders you will see.  By far the largest sightings of spiders here come from the island