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Rats & Mice

In Lake Havasu, the most commonly seen rodent activity occurs from Long-tailed Pocket Mice and Desert Woodrats/Pack Rats.  Both rats and mice are primarily active at night, create foul odors, can chew through a variety of objects (including wiring and wood) and can be hosts to other unwelcome pests such as fleas and ticks.


Routinely the most obvious sign of Pocket Mice are the holes they dig in the yard and up against the house foundation.  They burrow underground and can create elaborate tunnel systems.   Long-tailed Pocket Mice are native to the desert so are usually happy to stay outdoors and rarely seen inside the home.  


Pack Rats are also native to the desert but tend to cause more damage when they are around a home.  They are especially fond of small, shiny objects and have been known to climb into vehicles and destroy wiring to collect their shiny trophy as well as anything else they come across in your home like nuts, bolts and even coins.  The Desert Wood Rat prefers to build it's nest under prickly pear cactus which is used not only for shelter but also for food.

Tips to keep Rats & Mice away from your home:


•  Remove all food sorces if possible, fruit trees attract rats


•  Cover all possible entry holes 1/2 inch or larger with wire mesh


•  Remove possible nesting materials


•  Backfill pocket mice holes